Epiphany: Stories

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From the bestselling author of eight novels, including Run with the Horsemen.

Each of these novella-length tales focuses on an epiphany--a revelation born of an unlikely interchange. A quixotic old doctor who loves poetry and battles bureaucracy talks with his new patient, an ex-con whose story of racism and injustice changes them both. The mettle of a man's 40-year marriage is examined when he and his wife, on an expedition to gather wild plants, survive a series of odd accidents and strange encounters in the remote Georgia mountains. A group of smart-alecky high school seniors interviews the town's oldest citizen and learns a lesson or two about the not-so-good (but maybe not-so-bad) old days and the bonds that can bridge generations. In Epiphany, Ferrol Sams once again displays the warmth, humor, and wisdom that have delighted readers and earned him many a comparison to Mark Twain.

"In typical Sams style, the three stories . . . are written with humor and heart. He is a master storyteller."--Macon Telegraph