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From the best-selling author and National Book Award finalist, a chilling new novel that reimagines the United States emerging from a different outcome in a pivotal presidential election.

Virginia, 2004. Gore is entering his second term as president. Our narrator, a recently divorced historian, is living at Halcyon, the estate of renowned lawyer and World War II hero Robert Ableson. When scientists, funded by the Gore administration, find a cure for death, more and more of life's certainties get called into question, including Ableson's identity. Is this new science a miraculous good or an insidious evil? Is Ableson a man outside of time, or is he the product of a new era? How does America's fate hang in the balance? Stretching from Civil War battles to the toppling of Confederate monuments, from scholarly debates to intimate family secrets, Halcyon is a profound and probing novel that grapples with what history means, who is affected by it, and how the complexities of our shared future rest on the dual foundations of remembering and forgetting.