How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden: Foods They Like, Plants They Love, Shelter They Need

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A practical guide to attracting a range of wildlife to your outdoor space, with advice, inspiration, and step-by-step projects.

Transform your garden into a haven for all kinds of wildlife.

In a world with too much concrete and not enough greenery, every wildlife-friendly garden can make a huge difference.

Let author, presenter, and wildlife conservationist Dan Rouse show you how you can make your outdoor space more welcoming for a wide variety of visitors, from planting pollinator-friendly perennials to providing access for curious squirrels. Learn the best ways to provide shelter, food, and water; discover the best planting choices and how they can help; then sit back and watch as your garden becomes a much-needed refuge for a huge range of species.

The book features plenty of projects to help you attract and observe your new garden visitors, as well as galleries of common species you can expect to see. Following in the footsteps of its sister title How to Attract Birds to Your Garden, everything in the book is clear, accessible, and engaging, with plenty of budget-friendly tips and ideas suitable for gardeners and nongardeners alike.

Packed with equal parts expertise and passion, How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden proves that, by giving nature opportunities to thrive, we all benefit: ourselves, our planet, and the wildlife that may call our garden home.