India Express: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Every Day

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Rukmini Iyer grew up in London with two working parents who were always transforming their family's Indian recipes into quick and easy weeknight meals. So, when Rukmini and her parents took a trip through India on the Coromandel Express--from her mother's native Kolkata to her father's native Chennai--Iyer was inspired to recreate the cuisine of their travels for the harried home cook. Featuring 75 recipes, this book is the ultimate display of Iyer's skill for deliciously doable dishes. Aptly titled India Express, it lends the word "express" dual meaning, evoking both a culinary tour of India by train, as well as the delightful speed and ease required by the recipes. From Bengali popcorn shrimp and mango cardamom lassis to mini-naan pizzas and more, these dishes perfectly capture the depth of south Asian flavors with Rukmini's signature fuss-free flare.