Life of a Crayon: A Colorful Story of Never-Ending Beginnings

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When Green arrives in a crayon box as a present to a little girl, he has no idea of the impact he will have on her life in small but profound and meaningful ways.

The Life of a Crayon is a colorful story (ages 4-8) about a girl and her crayon who grow up together and draw the world around them. When a little girl receives a box of crayons for her birthday, Green becomes her favorite.

Over the years, as the girl creates art and projects and greeting cards, Green learns new skills and important lessons alongside her. Perhaps most importantly, Green fills her--and others'--worlds with color and the emotions it evokes, and in doing so leaves a legacy that is vast and meaningful.

The story can just be an engaging and thought-provoking adventure on its own, or it can help kids and family cope with change, the challenges of growing up, and even loss as this book touches on themes like lifecycles, impermanence, and connection.