Mythographic Color and Discover: Wild Winter: An Artist's Coloring Book of Snowy Animals and Hidden Objects

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Journey Through a Snowcapped World of Wild Imagination

A dazzling snowscape awaits! Mythographic Color and Discover: Wild Winter unveils a sparkling domain of icy wonders, frosty illusions, and untamed creatures in stunningly illustrated detail. Immerse yourself in more than 40 illustrations and the crystalline kingdoms they reveal while discovering the hidden images that have been tucked away in each one. Uncover the mysteries of each page with a splash of color and let each polar realm come to life. Explore your creativity through the glittering tundras and snow-dusted beings of Mythographic Color and Discover: Wild Winter.

- Find creativity and illusions in more than 40 enchanting pieces of art
- Discover the secret objects hidden in each illustration
- Color an enthralling book of winter wildness and imagination