Consignments at Good Books

If you are a traditionally published author whose books are available from Ingram, please email to inquire about us carrying your books.  We do not generally carry books just because the author reaches out, but we will consider something if it has local interest, fits with the store, or has national attention.

If you are self-published or published by a small press and your book is not available at a normal discount/returnable from Ingram, we would consider your book on consignment. Please take a moment to read our policy and consider whether we are a good fit for your books. 

Good Books has a consignment program designed to allow local self-published or non-traditionally published authors space on our shelves. We are a small, family-owned bookstore in The Hudson Valley and will only consider carrying books by local authors who are residents of Cornwall or have a connection to this part of the Hudson Valley. When an author consigns a book, Good Books agrees to stock the book on our shelves for a period of time and pay the author for the copies that have sold at the end of the contract. 

We reserve the right to say no to any consignment request. 

Good Books accepts consignment inquiries via email only. While we understand a lot of time and effort has gone into a book, we have certain policies in place because of our limited shelf space and associated costs of selling non-traditionally published books 

From Our Consignment Policy

Good Books agrees to display materials delivered to us on a consignment basis for 6 months. During that period, Good Books may contact the consignor to request additional quantities for sale and/or to pay the consignor for items already sold. As a consignor you are expected to pick up unsold books at the consignment term. Good Books will pay 60% of the cover price—or a different amount if agreed upon by both parties—for any sold books. 

After the consignment period, Good Books will dispose of books left more than 1 month without retrieval. We will only pay for items that were sold. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor.

Getting Your Book on Consignment

If you would like to see if we can carry your book on consignment, please send an email to Please include the following information:

1. Information About the Book

  • A short description
  • Publications date
  • ISBN if available
  • A short bio of the author
  • Retail price of the book
  • Wholesale cost of the book ( must be at least 60% of the retail price)
  • Whether the book is self-published and/or if it is available through a distributor

2. Why you feel the book is a good fit for Good Books

If you don’t include all of that information, we cannot consider carrying your book.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, thank you.

For all books on consignment, we have an advisory board of industry professionals who evaluate ALL titles submitted to us.

We have a small bulletin board at the front of the store. If we decide to carry your book, you can leave us a postcard or flyer to pin to the board. 

We will enjoy meeting you and talking with you about your book. We’ll ask for a follow up email per this policy. 

Send your inquiry email to

Unless your book is garnering national attention, we will not consider carrying it. We encourage you to contact your local bookstore and inquire about their consignment policy.