101 Body Weight Workouts: Get Toned At Home Without Any Equipment

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Your journey begins now. These workouts were designed to make you sweat and push you to your limits. Some of the most common excuses we hear from people who want to live a healthier life is that they don't have enough time, they don't have enough equipment, and/or they can't afford a gym membership or Coaching. With these 101 workouts, those excuses are irrelevant. All these workouts are designed to be done in 30 minutes or less, you don't need any equipment, and we priced this book fairly so it can be affordably for everyone. How you approach these workouts is entirely up to you. You can follow them in sequence from start to finish or pick and choose to your liking. You can do them at home or head to the gym and incorporate some weights. You have the flexibility and freedom to fit these challenging workouts into your lifestyle accordingly. Over the years our clients have made phenomenal progress with the workouts that you now possess and the reason why we made this book was for you to experience similar success. Let's get to work.