Aliens: Join the Scientists Searching Space for Extraterrestrial Life

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Do aliens exist? Are UFOs real? The race is on to discover alien life in the universe!

This book will sort myth from fact to bring you the real science behind the search for alien lifeforms. Space expert Joalda Morancy will take readers on a tour of the solar system (and beyond) on board new NASA missions searching for the most likely alien hiding places--from icy moons of Jupiter to the clouds of Venus. Along the way kids will find out about:

- The robots sent to Mars to look for Martians
- What really goes on at Area 51
- Ways to spot an advanced alien civilization (hint--look for dim stars)

Readers will explore a comet, race futuristic spaceships, and discuss what we would say to aliens when we finally meet them (after "hello!").

They may seem as fanciful as wizards and monsters, but this book will show that scientists not only believe that aliens exist--but that it's only a matter of time before we find them.