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Oh, no! Beep is lost. Help an adorable little alien and his dog find their home planet in this silly space adventure! Follow Beep as he zips around the solar system searching for home asking passerby planets "Are you my planet?" in the hope of a little guidance back to his tiny red home. Learn fun facts about planets that are too hot, too big, too sideways, and too cold to be just right for Beep and his pup as they make their way home to the planet that fits just right--Mars. A fun, space introduction both kiddos and grown-ups will enjoy packed with fun facts and lovable characters. A must for little space fans!

  • Silly, educational space introduction for toddlers packed with fun facts about planets
  • Fun illustrations and storyline will keep toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners entertained and engaged with space facts throughout the story to encourage learning
  • Sturdy pages are easy to grasp and turn. Thicker than normal paper-pages books, these pages provide extra reinforcement to keep the pages from ripping in traditional storybooks!
  • From the creators of the popular board book, Button Your Buttons!
  • A fun adventure for emerging space and astronomy fans