Be a Man: The Ultimate Guide

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From the creators of the Tik Tok sensation, a hilarious new book, one part Shit My Dad Says, one part Make Your Bed.

On Tik Tok, Instagram, and his podcast, The Be a Man Guy discusses what it takes to be a man. Now, this funny and insightful book showcases all new stories, vignettes, anecdotes, and pearls of wisdom.

Be a Man celebrates and pokes fun at the strengths and flaws of men today, and offers timeless advice on How to Be a Man, including:

-- Never ask for directions, or use a GPS, just drive around forever

-- Fall asleep watching TV, then get pissed off when somebody changes the channel

-- If you can't fix something, chuck a wrench

-- If you can't find what you're looking for in a store, don't ask for help. Walk out.

-- When your dog dies, hand dig its grave. After all he was your best friend

The Be a Man Guy also takes readers into his early years, from learning math from his uncle the bookie to discovering deep truths about life from the patrons who drank and gambled at his family's bar in East Boston Whether in stories or one liners, The Be a Man Guy will make you laugh and shake your head in recognition. Be a Man: The Ultimate Guide lets men of the world (and the women that might live with them) know that they are not alone.