Bedtime for Duckling: A Peek-Through Storybook

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In this sweet story with both illustrated and photographic elements, as well as peek-through pages throughout, Duckling is looking for a new place to sleep--but will she find anywhere that's as comfortable as her own nest?

It's bedtime, but Duckling doesn't want to sleep in her usual bed; she wants to find a new place to sleep! She sees Fox in a den, but it's too dark and muddy in there. She wants to sleep in the log next to Frog, but the log is too cold and wet. Next, Duckling scrambles up the tree to see if she might like to stay with Owl, but she's too high up, and she feels dizzy. Soon, she hears quacking and finds Mommy Duck and the rest of the ducklings behind the reeds, and she realizes that her cozy nest is the best place to sleep.