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Nancy and her friends must unearth the person who sabotaged the River Heights Nature Park's fundraiser in the eighteenth book in the interactive Nancy Drew Clue Book mystery series.

Nancy, Bess, and George are excited to be attending Bird Bonanza Camp. They'll spend their time learning all about different kinds of birds and taking part in fun crafts and activities. The highlight of the week is the Great Bird Count, an event where local bird watchers and ornithologists catalog every bird they see to help keep track of the health of the area's bird population. George is especially excited because one lucky participant will win a pair of PowerTron 5000s, binoculars so strong you can practically see to the moon!

But when someone breaks into a greenhouse and destroys the plants being kept there, the girls suddenly have a new case. The park was planning to sell the now-ruined bird-friendly flowers and shrubs to help fund their activities for the year and help keep the nature preserve running. Even worse, the PowerTron 5000s have gone missing! Without the grand prize, the park's director thinks she might need to cancel the Great Bird Count.

Can the Clue Crew find the birdbrain responsible for the damage in time to save the big day?