Climate Action Handbook: A Visual Guide to 100 Climate Solutions for Everyone

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This must-have book shows us WHY we need to take action now to combat climate change and then, critically, HOW, through easy-to-understand language and stunning infographics that offer each of us varied and doable solutions to the overwhelming challenges facing our planet.

As more focus is put on climate science, there is a need for each of us to learn how we can change our habits in our home, communities, and government to help mitigate the existential threat of climate change. The Climate Action Handbook is the response to this need, and the book every household needs.

This visually stunning guide does what no other climate change book manages to do: it's approachable, digestible, and offers the average human ideas, options, and a roadmap for action. It also offers hope. Climate scientist Dr. Heidi Roop lays out the issues facing the planet and offers up 100 important actions that readers can take right now in their daily lives to help slow the adverse effects of climate change. Compelling infographics provide visual impact and context to the topic at hand.