Complete Tutankhamun: 100 Years of Discovery

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With its breathtaking treasures, the Tomb of Tutankhamun continues to exert a unique hold on the popular imagination. A century after its discovery on November 4, 1922, Howard Carter's great find has lost none of its drama or fascination. The narrative of that discovery remains as gripping as ever, and new advances continue to be made to this day, allowing us to see the boy king and the events of his time with greater clarity than ever before.

Extensively revised, updated, and expanded, this classic account by renowned Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves makes use of the latest technology and is now accompanied by the most recent photographs, scans, and analysis. Extracts from Carter's original notes and diaries are accompanied by new plans and sections of the tomb, as well as its wider setting within the Valley of the Kings, where the tomb resides. Imagery generated by laser scanning enables remote examination of the decorated walls and their physical base for the first time; while high-resolution photographs of the tomb's treasures reveal a level of definition that Carter could scarcely have dreamt of. Nor have the tomb's human remains been neglected: thanks to CT scanning, aDNA analysis, and other techniques, experts are gaining fresh and important insights into both the king's physicality and his lineage. With previously unpublished illustrations, clear charts, diagrams, and tables, The Complete Tutankhamun represents the most comprehensive and authoritative reference on the site and its contents available.