Dream Big: Overcoming Fear and Achieving Success

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A little book of wisdom from Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill has changed the lives of millions of readers, helping them seize their own potential to create lives of abundance and fulfillment. Dream Big is a pocket-sized collection of some of Hill's most timeless advice in the form of excerpts, articles, and transcripts of his speeches. These snippets of wisdom are brief, but powerful--quickly digestible chapters that will motivate, inspire, and transform. They include:

Let Ambition Be Your Master
What I Learned from Analyzing over 10,000 People
Adversity Is a Blessing in Disguise
A Definite Aim of Life
And more...

For both long-time readers of Hill and those who are just being introduced to his life-shifting worldview, Dream Big is a challenge to envision your most ambitious aspirations and then make them reality.