Fandex Kids: Dinosaurs: Facts That Fit in Your Hand: 48 Amazing Dinosaurs Inside!

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It's Fandex reinvented, in a brand-new format designed just for curious kids!

The bestselling Fandex format is been given a complete overhaul to make it just right for children ages 8 and up--the illustrations are brighter and bolder illustrations, the die-cuts simplified to make the cards easier to leaf through, and the text is livelier and age-appropriate. But the unique promise of Fandex is right here--a "facts that fit in your hand" die-cut card deck format packed with fascinating facts and images about topics kids love.

Dinosaurs features 48 of the most amazing creatures that once roamed the earth, and still rule our imaginations. Kids will learn about the pigeon-sized Archaeopteryx, which may have been a step in the evolution from dinosaur to bird, with feathers and a wishbone but the bony tail, teeth, and claws of a reptile. The tank-like Ankylosaurus, which evaded predators with the help of knobby "scutes," or plates of bone, covering its entire body except for the belly. And the enormous Brachiosaurus, which scientists believe could live as long as 100 years! In addition to profiles of dinosaur species, the deck includes a timeline of the Mesozoic Era, a glossary, size comparisons, and more.