Football Biographies for Kids: The Greatest NFL Players from the 1960s to Today

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Touchdown! Inspiring football biographies for young NFL fans ages 8 to 12

Do you know which legendary quarterback was drafted as an MLB catcher? Or which non-quarterback has thrown the most touchdowns? Football Biographies for Kids is filled with awesome stories and must-know NFL stats of some of the best players in NFL history.

  • Inspiring NFL biographies--From the unstoppable Jim Brown to the defensive powerhouse Deion Sanders, learn about the lives and careers of all-time NFL greats.
  • Need-to-know football glossary--Follow football like a pro with a detailed glossary that explains football acronyms like INT and REC and why they're important to the game.
  • Create your own team--Use the included roster sheet to put together your own legendary lineup of NFL players that could own the gridiron.

Catch the latest addition to the Sports Biographies for Kids series featuring 12 NFL greats.