For the Love of Seafood: 100 Flawless, Flavorful Recipes That Anyone Can Cook

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Buttery, briny, light, and salty, seafood offers unique flavor profiles to prepare in myriad ways. Although it can feel daunting to achieve the perfect fish and shellfish dish at home, the right guidance can make all the difference. In For the Love of Seafood, former culinary instructor and seafood fanatic Karista Bennett provides 100 irresistible recipes to teach seafood literacy one meal at a time.

Organized by difficulty, the three chapters of this book begin with short ingredient lists and steps, featuring recipes like Simple Fish Meuniere and Basic Pan-Cooked Sea Scallops. And as confidence grows, more complicated methods and exciting new ingredients appear in Roasted Salmon with Savory Strawberry Sauce, Grilled Shrimp Tacos, Lobster Rolls, Curried Halibut Cakes, and more. With bright photography and tips on sustainability and flavor pairings, this book is essential reading (and tasting) for anyone looking to improve their seafood game at home.