From the Soul of my Rubber Boots

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Kim Dawson Hodson is an occupational therapist, mother of six, grandmother of four, widow, author, farmer, and animal lover. She has lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for 32 years and a little farm with miniature goats, chickens, dogs, cats, a rabbit, and two rescue potbellied pigs, and one rescue sheep. She is also back in school, getting her certification as an animal-assisted therapist. She has been on a long journey for the past seven years. This journey has been one of painful loss, almost insurmountable grief, coupled with healing and new self-discovery. The healing began when she started to listen to the subtle "promptings" or "gut feelings." As she began to listen to these, she had a deep realization that they are truly a gift providing her with hope. She has had many adventures--large and small--ranging from life and death to saving an animal who is in trouble to witnessing the amazing birth of an animal on her farm. It's as if these "promptings" are bread crumbs to guide her through this thing called life. As she continued on this journey, she knew that she needed to share her true life miracle stories, so she began to write them down. As she started to write them, she began to learn even more about how to really "look" and "listen" to the "promptings" or "gut feelings." These signs are all around us. She has written this book to bring a message of hope to everyone who reads it, and maybe, just maybe, can learn to hear the "promptings" too.