Grandparents Book of Memories: 100 Questions to Recall the Times of Your Life

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Capture a life of unique memories and experiences for future generations. Grandparents can fill out this beautiful time-capsule journal to preserve their legacy.

This beautifully designed guided journal will inspire thoughtful reflection on a life well lived and spark meaningful, authentic conversation between multiple generations. With more than 100 prompts designed to uncover significant and even forgotten moments from the past, this is a special gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or a grandparent's birthday that will bring everyone many happy hours of reminiscing with loved ones.

Questions highlight different stages of life from childhood and schooldays, to early adulthood and raising a family and beyond. Chapters themes and questions include:
  • Love: What act of love will you always remember?
  • Friendship: Who was your greatest childhood friend? What adventure or mischief do you remember getting up to together?
  • Wisdom: What words of wisdom would you like to be your legacy?
  • Curiosity: What subject or pursuit has always interested you?
  • Courage: How does courage help you manage change and challenges?
  • Resilience: What obstacles did you have to overcome?
  • Rituals: What foods did you have as a child that will always remind you of family?
  • Happiness: What place has always made you feel happy?
  • Gratitude: Is there a historic or momentous event that you are grateful you witnessed in your lifetime?

This easy-to-use journal will create a meaningful family keepsake. Inside you'll find:
  • Plenty of space to share stories and to offer advice for a younger generation
  • Beauitful floral illustrations and inspirational quotes throughout
  • Lay flat binding and uncoated paper to prevent ink smudges

This book of wisdom, once filled in, offers a stunning handwritten testament to the past that will strengthen family connections and preserve precious memories.