Green Velvet Secret

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Letters from beyond the grave and a green velvet dress reveal a secret to Yardley's beloved grandmother; for fans of The Parker Inheritance and The List of Things That Will Not Change.

Yardley and her grandmother, Gidge, are best friends. Sharing a love of vintage clothing and quirky jewelry, Yardley and Gidge spend a lot of time together, which suits Yardley just fine. Kids her own age aren't that interesting, and her parents are often busy with their small theatre company. So when Gidge reveals to Yardley and her parents that she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Yardley is devastated. Gidge, on the other hand, seems to embrace her last days with vigor, writing goodbye letters and selling off her expansive wardrobe to Over Easy Vintage Emporium. Yardley finds solace at Over Easy, befriending the owner, Con, and, begrudgingly, his nephew, Harris, a boy her age. And when a strange woman walks into the store claiming to win a prize -- Gidge's green velvet dress -- in a contest she doesn't remember entering, Yardley starts to believe her grandmother may have come back to life. Reluctantly accepting Harris' offer to help, Yardley sets out in search of this mysterious woman -- only to discover there's much more to her -- and to her grandmother -- than she ever imagined.