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A heartwarming true story about a big horse with an even bigger heart.

Happy the Helping Horse has an important message for kids and adults alike - you are so much more than your looks!

This real-life story is about a big black horse (Happy) who developed equine alopecia and lost most of his hair. Even though he no longer looked the same, he refused to let that make him feel bad.

Instead, he continued to spread joy by helping children and adults with his big heart and loving kindness. Happy is a good example to all of us. Your looks do not define you.

Children will learn:

  • To accept themselves - exactly as they are
  • To be open and accepting of others who are different
  • The more you give, the better life you and others will live!

Grab your copy of Happy the Helping Horse - a story that both children and adults will enjoy reading over and over again.