Highlights Book of Things to Do Indoors: Discover, Imagine, and Create Great Things Inside

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The Highlights Book of Things to Do Indoors is the ultimate boredom buster, filled with dozens of ways for kids to explore, create, problem-solve, and boost their brainpower--all from inside the home, classroom, or any other indoor spot.

Designed for kids ages seven and up, this book features prompts and information to get kids thinking, writing, drawing, and playing. They'll get to do everything from designing a dream obstacle course to writing and performing a play to drafting a letter to a leader about an important cause. Furthermore, the book includes writing and drawing spaces so kids can scribble and doodle responses to prompts directly on the book's pages. Each activity makes use of household space and/or resources, as well as a kid's natural curiosity and imagination, to provide a fulfilling and fun indoor experience.
Topics covered include:
  • All About You
  • Games
  • Indoor Adventures
  • Animals and Nature
  • Boost Your Brain
  • Helping Others
  • Space and Technology
  • Reusing and Recycling