How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess: A Guide to Building Resilience and Managing Mental Health

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Every Parent's Guide to Supporting Their Child's Mental Health

Increasingly, children ages 3-10 are struggling with anxiety, depression, and mental health challenges. These can be brought on by many factors--stress at home, upheavals in society, breaks in routine, isolation from friends, bullying or social pressure--and if left unaddressed, they follow kids into their teens and adulthood, causing mental, emotional, and relational problems that will steal their peace and joy.

But there is hope. Bestselling author Dr. Caroline Leaf helps you teach your kids how to
- recognize negative feelings and respond in a healthy way
- navigate a world that can feel scary and overwhelming
- manage uncomfortable or challenging situations
- replace toxic thoughts with brain-building practices that produce better outcomes
- develop resilience and emotional strength

Based on up-to-date research, clearly illustrated with case studies, and practically applied to the problems kids are facing today, How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess is what parents, caretakers, teachers, and counselors have been waiting for. Dr. Leaf shares a clear and effective five-step plan to teach your child how to manage their mind so they can live a life with greater resilience, health, and happiness.