Journal Like a Stoic: A 90-Day Stoicism Program to Live with Greater Acceptance, Less Judgment, and Deeper Intentionality (Includes Teaching

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Bring Stoicism to your daily life with this guided journal based on the teachings of great Stoic thinkers. Explore why leaders, artists, and athletes have relied on these principles to achieve success for thousands of years.

While Stoicism offers age-old wisdom, it is hardly a relic of the past. Today, people from all corners of the globe look to Stoicism to find solace, curb reactivity, and achieve their greatest ambitions. In Journal Like a Stoic, Stoicism researcher and expert Brittany Polat, PhD, provides 90 days of journaling for the modern Stoic to ground themselves as they deepen their self-exploration, find discipline, cope with grief, or simply seek change (or to endure it). Whether you're coming to Stoicism for the first time or returning to its guidance, this course will support your path to fulfillment with practical, empathic wisdom that's endured for millennia.

  • Follow a 90-day guided course to take you from awareness to acceptance and eventually impact.
  • Discover Stoic origins with a historical refresher on the philosophy's beginnings, tenets, and thinkers who have changed history.
  • Receive advice from the greats, including Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus.
  • Reflect on insightful prompts that encourage you to choose virtue above all else and to find peace through rationality.