Ketogenic Diet: What It Is and How It Works: The Diet That Uses Fat as an Energy Source

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Embracing a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming for most of us, especially with so many different options out there. How to choose what's best for you in terms of nutrition, in a world with countless diet plans? Ketogenic Diet: What It Is and How It Works manages to answer all of your questions about this innovative and healthy alternative, in a simple and reader-friendly manner!

Addressing the beginners' level, this Ketogenic Diet guide includes everything you need for truly grasping the fundamental principles of the keto lifestyle, tackling on the chemistry behind its functioning, all the way to recipes, diet plans and essential nutritional information. Finally, a diet you can easily stick to!

Ketogenic Diet: What It Is and How It Works takes keto dieting a step further:

  • It teaches you how to eat without starving yourself;
  • It teaches you how to easily prepare your daily meals;
  • It proves that you can lose weight while treating yourself with delicious meal courses!

Still thinking? Eat what you like, get all the essential nutrients and don't waste your time with complicated meal plans, that's what this Keto guide is all about! For the first time, you have the chance of truly transforming your life and losing weight, regaining that dream body!