Kings and Queens of England and Scotland (Revised)

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From the Saxons to the Windsors, from the Tudors to Hanovers, Britain's royal lineage is brought to life in the pages of this visual guide.

Kings and Queens of England and Scotland comprehensively chronicle the drama and fortunes of the royal dynasties. Confused about which Henry had six wives and which one was crowned at the age of eight? Want to know more about the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis? The year-by-year chronologies and major events of each monarch's reign are extensively covered in this fascinating volume.

Tracing the history of Britain's monarchs through family trees, this stylishly illustrated guide presents an insightful overview of the royal houses. Their private and public lives are encapsulated through contemporary poets, artifacts, paintings, and photographs.

Features on key achievements of each monarch help you get an in-depth knowledge of how they shaped the countries of England and Scotland to be what it is today.

With easy-to-read text and crisp biographies of each sovereign, Kings and Queens of England and Scotland is an essential encyclopedia for history buffs of all ages.