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Lessons in Lightness Full Color Expanded Edition by Mark Russell, published posthumously, further advances the concept of Art Form Riding first presented in the 2004 edition ofLessons in Lightness. Soft shaping and the development of the horse's flexibility, balance, and strength through a heightened sense of relaxation, this approach teaches us that mobility gives forward. Through logical gymnastic progressions, a positive feedback loop of relaxation, flexibility, and strength develops. From these progressions, energy springs forth so horses work in concert with their riders with calmness and exuberance.

Maintaining both relaxation and balance in a forward mindset can be a difficult state to achieve. Lessons in Lightness Full Color Expanded Edition offers in-depth guidance on how to create this often elusive combination.

Progressions include:

- Accessing the horse's jaw and spine.

- Teaching the horse that the bit is an indicator for relaxation.

- Development of the horse's often over-looked balance-inducing postural muscles.

- Development of flexion and strength through lateral movements and rein-back in relaxed postures.

- Necessary for success, each lesson begins in hand before progressing under saddle.

A new chapter entitled The Hidden Influences of the Bridle: The Stomatognathic Systemby Jillian Kreinbring M. S. underlines an expanded focus on equine biomechanics. Understanding the horse's functional anatomy is highlighted throughout this edition; it is the key to avoiding many common roadblocks.

In the 1980's Mark studied with Master Nuno Oliveira. He practiced Tai Chi and Chi Gong for decades. Later Mark infused certain Natural Horsemanship philosophies into his practice. Mark's gifts were to see, understand, and maintain an approach that did not stray from these unifying philosophies. Mark Russell lost his life on June 12, 2016. Mark's wife, Hela, is committed to preserving his life's work. For more information, Visit