Monster's Bones (Young Readers Edition): The Discovery of T. Rex and How It Shook Our World

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From the dust of the Gilded Age Bone Wars, two vastly different men emerge to fill the empty halls of New York's struggling American Museum of Natural History: socialite Henry Fairfield Osborn and intrepid fossil hunter Barnum Brown.

When Brown unearths the first Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils, Osborn sees a path to save his museum from irrelevancy. As the public turns out in droves to cower before this bone-chilling giant of the past and wonder at the mysteries of its disappearance, Brown and Osborn turn dinosaurs into a beloved part of culture.

In this vivid and engaging young readers adaptation, New York Times best-selling author David K. Randall journeys from prehistory to present day, from remote Patagonia to the unforgiving Badlands of the American West to the penthouses of Manhattan. The Monster's Bones reveals how a monster of a bygone era ignited a new understanding of our planet and our place within it.