My Very Own National Parks Journal: Outdoor Adventure & Passport Stamp Log For Kids And Grownups

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My Very Own National Parks Journal

This beautifully designed and illustrated journal has space to record 64 national park adventures. Each two-page review section has room to track:

  • Park Name

  • State

  • Visit Date

  • Where you stayed

  • Who you visited the park with

  • Weather

  • Sights you saw

  • Wildlife you saw

  • Ample space for writing or drawing your own review and the park passport stamp

For Kids

Every time you visit a National Park, fill in the details in your journal. Write in the name of the park, the state it is in, who you went with and what you saw and did. Give each park a star rating and write or draw your own thoughts about the park. Don't forget to get your park stamp! There are extra sections in this journal for you to doodle and draw some of your favorite scenes and memories from your National Park visit. We hope you have tons of fun visiting, drawing and tracking your time in America's beautiful National Parks with this journal.

For Grownups

This National Park journal is a fun and enjoyable way for you and your child, or family to track your visits. This is an opportunity to develop a beautiful routine together to chat and discuss all you saw and experienced. Young readers can record the sights and activities while getting creative writing or drawing their own reviews of each National Park you tour.

152 pages of guided prompts, doodle spreads and a map of all the national parks in the United States.