My Walking Life: Where I Went, What I Saw Along the Way, and How I Felt

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An illustrated guided journal perfect for people who enjoy walking!

Bringing together the many benefits of walking and journaling, these pages offer thoughtful prompts and lots of space to note where you went, what you saw along the way, and how you felt about it.

During the pandemic years, many people discovered the joy of walking. It is meditative, healing, uplifiting, healthy, inspiring, and generally transformative, whether it's your mood that needs changing or your whole outlook. Walking helps us to really see the things around us that we might otherwise take for granted, such as a flowering tree, a new coffee shop, or an unexpected view.

This charming journal links the act of walking to the benefits of journaling, with a wellness perspective that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Every spread offers thoughtful prompts and lots of space to capture what was special about your walk, from the route to the weather--and a gratitude moment.

Fun sidebars capture your favorite routes, bucket-list walks for future travels, walking companions whose company you treasure, best photo-op destinations, city walks and country walks, fitness walks, and much more. Quotes from famous walkers over time ground your experience in history.

Let this walking journal help you take your perambulations to a more transcendent place by cpaturing the meaningful moments along the way.