Novel Editing Workbook: 105 Tricks & Tips for Revising Your Fiction Manuscript

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Finishing your book is awesome. Finishing your editing is what makes all the difference.

Looking for an editing guidebook that will help you take your work-in-progress to the next level? Look no further.

The novel editing process is your opportunity to tweak, cajole, twist your words like licorice, and buff the imperfections out of your sentences until they shine like new. It's your chance to transform that first draft that trickled out of your fingers and onto your pages, turning your story into the book you want it to be.

Whether you're planning to traditionally publish or go the indie publishing route, self-editing is essential before any next steps. But don't just do the job most of the way. "Most of the way" won't sell your book.

Writing a novel is an intimidating idea, but you know what? You did it. How amazing is that? Now finish the job. The Novel Editing Workbook is your resource to make it happen.