Our World in Pictures the History Book

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A museum in a book, this collection of treasures from the past brings history to life, from Stone Age tools to skateboards.

From ancient history to modern times, journey through the past with this picture-packed encyclopedia of curiosities.

Explore galleries of intriguing objects from ancient civilizations, bygone eras, and breakthrough moments to understand how the modern world has been influenced by the past. Lift the lid of a mummy case from an ancient Egyptian tomb. Discover the treasures that traveled along the Silk Road from the Far East to Europe. Spot the gadgets on the spacesuit an astronaut wears to travel to the International Space Station.

There are also big pictures that focus on individual stories in more detail, such as a famous sea battle or the first flight of the Wright Brothers.

With more than 1,000 extraordinary images of items big and small, kids will love poring over the pages of The History Book. On every page they will glimpse the treasures of the past and learn the stories of those who came before us.