Penguins (New & Updated Edition)

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From Gail Gibbons, the #1 author of science books for kids, this guide to those wonderful waddling water birds is updated with the latest facts from experts.

In this new edition vetted by experts, learn about some of the seventeen different kinds of penguins. With bright watercolor illustrations and kid-friendly language, Gail Gibbons introduces young readers to zoology concepts, describing where and how penguins live, what they eat, and how they hatch their young. With updated information on species classifications, habitat ranges, and prehistoric penguins.

Learn how penguin's feathers are designed to help them survive freezing waters. See how emperor penguins take care of their babies in extremely cold temperatures, working together to look after one large egg at a time. Readers will also learn about threats to penguin populations, and what conservation efforts have been made to help preserve them. Even more penguin facts are included in the backmatter.

Author of over 120 nonfiction books for kids, including the beloved Monarch Butterfly and From Seed to Plant, and with hundreds of thousands of books sold, Gail Gibbons continues to bring science to kids this colorful and approachable introduction to penguins.