Plant for Every Day of the Year

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A plant a day brings beauty your way. So why not make the most of your garden with 365 of the very best plant varieties - one for every day of the year!

From spring blooms to winter interest and everything in between, each plant has been personally selected by expert horticulturist Phil Clayton, who draws on his nearly 20 years of RHS experience, along with his own garden favorites, to showcase a vast array of planting choices.

With a range of plants as broad as Phil's knowledge is vast, A Plant for Every Day of the Year is like taking a walk with an accomplished gardener as they show you their favorite plants. Each profile comes complete with stunning photography and an at-a-glance guide to height, spread, hardiness, and other must-know information, so you too can make the most of every season in your own garden.

Turn the pages of this plant book to discover:

- Unique structure gives the reader a whole year of plants, day by day
- Phil Clayton's unrivalled knowledge and personal approach are apparent throughout, allowing the reader to absorb his experience and expertise.
- Easy-to-follow text and clear photography present the plants in an accessible and enjoyable format.

A must-have volume for existing gardeners and plant lovers who want to enjoy Phil's personal and insightful commentary on a wide range of plants, alongside individuals who don't know what plants to grow and want to seek advice from a reputable gardener such as Phil. Doubling up as the perfect gardening book for budding botanists, who are looking to achieve their garden or indoor space's fullest potential all year round, A Plant For Every Day of the Year is sure to delight.