Please Grow: Lessons on Thriving for Plants (and People)

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Discover the life lessons plants can teach you--from the importance of putting down roots to leaning on others for support and nourishment--in this charming, illustrated guide to personal growth.

Every idea, relationship, or project begins with a seed. A seed of creativity, a flicker of hope, an inkling of motivation. In Please Grow, illustrator Alex Testere takes us on a journey through the life of a well-tended plant or garden--from nourishing a seed to propagating, protecting, pruning, and beyond--relating the lessons we can learn from the natural world to our everyday lives, including:

  • Planting a seed is only the beginning.
  • A flower is a reminder of what is possible when the right circumstances align.
  • Extending your roots is like building community--both are lifelines.
  • Compost old ideas and experiences to create fuel for a fresh start.
  • Nothing lasts forever--and in some cases, that can be a good thing.

With sweet, vibrant art, ecological sidebars, and a sprinkling of practical plant care tips, Please Grow is a gentle reminder of life's cyclical, ever-blossoming nature. We all have the power to plant our own seeds and harvest our own blooms. So, what are you waiting for?