Pretzel and the Puppies: Paws Up!

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Meet Pretzel, the World's Longest Dachshund, and his playful puppy family from Pretzel and the Puppies streaming on Apple TV+! Includes a color-in poster.

Welcome to Muttgomery, the nicest little city in an all-dog world, and the home of Pretzel, Greta, and their five adorable dachshund puppies: Puck, Pippa, Pedro, Paxton, and Poppy.

Pretzel and Greta have a knack for encouraging their pups to follow their passions and make the world a better place. In this story, the pups see a problem in town--a big, boring wall at the park--and they get their paws up, and the whole city involved, in a colorful solution.

You can make the world more bow-wow-utiful too when you color the bonus poster on the back of the jacket!