Pumpkin Recipes: Irresistible Pumpkin-Filled Breads, Pies, Cookies, Entrées, Desserts and More

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There's more to pumpkin than the traditional holiday pie--pumpkin can be enjoyed any time of day!
  • Discover more than 85 fabulous pumpkin recipes, with irresistible pumpkin-packed dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
  • Start the morning off right with delicious pumpkin pancakes, waffles, muffins or scones.
  • Try a bowl of savory pumpkin soup for lunch or a creamy pumpkin-pasta bake for dinner.
  • For dessert, the possibilities are endless: pumpkin cookies, bars, cakes, pops, pudding, milk shakes, mousse and more.
  • Chapters include Breakfast & Brunch, Savory Pumpkin, Cakes & Cheesecakes, Pies & Tarts, Cookies & Bars, Delicious Desserts
  • Every recipe includes a beautiful photo.
  • Hardcover, 192 pages.