Reptiles for Kids: A Junior Scientist's Guide to Lizards, Amphibians, and Cold-Blooded Creatures

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Explore the fascinating world of reptiles with the Junior Scientists series for kids ages 6 to 9

Big and small. Cute and dangerous. Covered in spikes, scales, and bony plates! Reptiles for Kids is filled with fun facts and amazing photos of slithering snakes and lizards, tough turtles and tortoises, creepy crocodiles and alligators, and some awesome amphibians. These ancient animals come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, from the weird to the wonderful and everything in between.

Learn how a tadpole becomes a frog, what a crocodile likes to eat (and how it catches its prey!), and which gecko drops its tail when scared. Discover how to identify reptiles in your area, which reptiles can thrive at home, and the reptiles that need your help―and how you can be part of conservation efforts around the world to save them. With this book, you'll soon be an expert on our cold-blooded friends.

Reptiles for Kids includes:

  • Reptile 101―Find out what the differences are between reptiles and mammals.
  • Look at that!―This fascinating book comes with tons of vibrant color photographs.
  • In the home―Learn about the best reptiles to keep at home and how to properly care for them.

Feed your wildlife curiosity with this fantastic book on reptiles for kids.