Room39 and the Lisbon Connection

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The introduction and the prologue detail quite explicitly what my novel is about. My book is based on a true story and lead characters, several of whom I knew personally in the late 1960s and early 1970s before they passed away. I never did meet Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond novels, as he left the UK for the West Indies after the end of World War II. My book is therefore a historical novel with hitherto largely untold aspects based on my own personal knowledge, research, and professional experience. It's a great novel because as several reviewers have pointed out no one has ever told the story of how Room 39, Ian Fleming, and his boss and colleagues worked to undermine the Nazis in Portugal, and Lisbon specifically, and the ending with the meeting in NYC with Wild Bill Donovan. My novel shows how Fleming used his experiences in Room 39 as the basis for his postwar Bond novels.