Saturdays in the South: A Collection of Stories from My Thirty-One Years of Officiating Football in the Southeastern Conference

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G. A. "Gus" Morris III's father told him, at the beginning of his officiating career, that he should "get there a little early and don't be in a hurry to leave." By doing just that, Gus Morris was able to have many incredible experiences while officiating football in the Southeastern Conference.

For thirty-one years, Gus traveled all over the country working with great officials, coaches, and players. He's met famous people, seen historic landmarks, and live life in a way that few individuals will ever experience.

College football brings people together from all walks of life with a common thread: cheering for their team. Strangers and adversaries become friends for a common purpose. The pageantry and traditions are absolutely amazing. And Gus, an automotive mechanic and small business owner, was thrust right in the middle of it to make sure the games followed the rules and were played fairly.

These stories will pull back the curtain of officiating football in the SEC. Gus introduces you to interesting characters, walk you through unusual situations, and enlightens you about unknown aspects of the game. You'll experience the really good things, the not-so-good things and everything in between.

Tony Barnhart ("Mr. College Football") stated this about Saturdays in the South: "It is a wonderful piece of storytelling."