Science of Gardening: Discover How Your Garden Really Grows

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The only book to explain the science behind gardening practice in a simple and visually accessible way

Exploding myths and providing authoritative take-home advice, this book provides a shortcut to decades of gardening experience by explaining the science behind how a garden grows.

Why does my cherry tree blossom but never fruit? What's the most effective slug deterrent? Could I breed my own unique variety of flower? Do plants communicate? Does it really matter how I prune? Why is my compost heap so slimy? The world of gardening can be a mystifying place, with so many instructions to follow and often little explanation as to why. Dr. Stuart Farromond casts his scientific eye over a typical year in the garden to answer all the horticultural questions you've ever wanted the answer to.

From hands-on, practical advice, to an exploration of the mental health benefits of gardening, while also covering topics such as the positive impact gardening can have on the earth during a time of climate crisis in between, Science of Gardening debunks myths and reveals the latest science only taught at horticultural college. As a passionate newcomer to gardening, daunted by the mountain of often conflicting advice in gardening manuals, Dr. Stu has set about testing the scientific basis of so much conventional wisdom and practice so you too can garden like a pro.