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Follow a year in the life of Volans, a flying squirrel, as she glides in the night air to hunt for food, deftly avoids danger from a raccoon, and gives birth to three tiny pups before preparing once again for the coming winter.

Emerging at night from a cozy nest high in a tree, Volans the flying squirrel glides down. Although called a "flying" squirrel, she actually doesn't fly--she glides using fur-covered flaps. Her instincts lead her to her hidden cache of food. She is also looking for a roomier hiding place because she is ready to give birth. When her pups are born she stays close to home, giving them milk and keeping them safe from predators until they can venture out on their own. Filled with intriguing facts and gorgeous illustrations, readers will be fascinated by the story of these remarkable rodents. This latest title in the Secret Life series has been vetted by a flying squirrel expert and includes back matter with more in-depth information, a glossary, and further resources.