Sharks (a Day in the Life): What Do Great Whites, Hammerheads, and Whale Sharks Get Up to All Day?

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"An attractive series for kids intrigued by animals in the wild." -- Booklist

Set over a 24-hour period, meet deadly tiger sharks, baby lemon sharks, and gigantic basking sharks in this kids' nonfiction book about the coolest predators in the ocean.

Dive under the sea to follow the lives of individual sharks as they hunt, hide, and play their way through their day. Marine biologist and shark conservationist Carlee Jackson cleverly weaves the story from gargantuan whale sharks to tiny epaulette sharks (who hunt in rock pools!) in the style of a nature documentary. She also includes gentle science explanations perfect for future biologists. Witness incredible moments including:

- A great white shark escaping a pod of orcas
- A giant hammerhead hunting stingrays
- A nurse shark asleep in a coral reef

Beautifully illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat and packed with animal facts, Sharks (A Day in the Life) encourages kids to look at sharks in a new light--not just fearsome hunters but endangered animals who play a key role in the ocean's ecosystem.

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