Sleepy Bunny: A Springtime Story about Being Yourself

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Snuggle up and share this cheerful Spring and Easter story about a bunny that does things differently.

From the bestselling book, The Happy Pumpkin, comes a new springtime adventure for Easter! Meet a sleepy bunny with an unlikely talent that will remind little ones that their differences can also be their superpower.

Sleepy Bunny isn't like the other bunnies. They hop around and have the best Easter fun together, while Sleepy Bunny snoozes all day long. The other bunnies tease her for this, but when it's time to set up the annual secret egg hunt, who could be more perfect for this nighttime job?

A delightful, heartwarming book about being different and feeling left out, but embracing yourself as you are. This story will inspire young readers to be bold and proud of their individuality, while encouraging others to appreciate these differences.

With playful springtime illustrations in full bloom, adults and children will love to read aloud and follow the story of this bunny to see if she ever gets her hop back!