Stumbling Toward Eternity: Losing and Finding Ourselves in the Cross of Jesus

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Live with freedom and abundance as you freshly discover the cross of Jesus through the powerful stories and biblical insights of influential preacher and musician Josh White.

The cross is not something we climb. It is something we die on. Christianity is not a path of empty promises. It leads us to the fullness of God. Pastor and popular songwriter Josh White knows this journey because it's shaped him, from a wild, hard-living youth to planting one of the most influential and artistic faith communities in post-Christian Portland, Oregon.

Through crisp prose and incisive tell-it-like-it-is honesty, this beautiful and poignant book is an invitation to reconsider our lives by bringing freshness to a familiar symbol most of us take for granted--the cross of Jesus. Because in spite of our fiercest efforts, our lives still seem to lack the meaning, depth, or beauty we long to know. But the good news of Christianity promises that we can live with meaning, joy, and power like Jesus did . . . if we learn what it means to die with him.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, discover how embracing the cross of Christ is the counterintuitive way to the abundant life we all desire.