Tap! Tap! Tap!: Dance! Dance! Dance!

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Read, play, and DANCE on the pages of this interactive and definitely out-of-the box picture book from the creator of Press Here!

New from the New York Times bestselling creator Hervé Tullet! Harnessing his love of dance, the passion of his illustrations, and the great big format of this book, Hervé invites you to a very special dance: your hand becoming the dancer and the book the dance floor.

Starting with a gentle glide, growing in complexity and animation, finally building to a crescendo of color, action, and movement--here's a book perfect for kids bursting with energy. A celebration not only of releasing emotion but also of carefully controlling motion and dexterity. It's the perfect activity for getting your ya-yas out and a welcome boon for parents, gift-givers, and teachers looking for an ultra-creative way of channeling energy.

THE MAGIC OF HERVÉ, CONTINUED: Hervé's bold primary colors, interactive thinking, and remarkable gift to have his readers actively participate in his books are back in this newest offering!

​A LARGE DANCE FLOOR: Featuring a larger size specially designed to allow children to actually fit--and move--their hands freely on the page.

BUILDING DEXTERITY: Readers will delight in exploring all the ways their hands can move, a subliminal but essential lesson in improving dexterity--a critical foundational skill.

CREATIVE VALUE: Combining rhythm, motion and shapes, here's a great tool for arts education that will appeal to parents/educators looking to build their children's skills of creative thinking and discovery.

Perfect for:
  • Hervé Tullet fans
  • Art teachers
  • Parent and grandparents looking for interactive toddler books to build creativity
  • Anyone looking for fun!
  • Gift giving for baby shower, birthday, or holiday for kids and creative spirits of all ages
  • Fans of touch think learn books like Press Here, Mix It Up!, Let's Play!, The Dot, and Beautiful Oops!