Tech-Life Balance: 101 Ways to Take Control of Your Digital Life and Save Your Sanity

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A look into all the ways we have been tethered by technology and how to fix it in 101 creative and strategic ideas.

Are you thinking about checking your phone right now? There's a very good chance you are, because in recent years, our phones have become the go-to device which make-up most of our lives. From emails to social media to checking the weather or finding directions, it's definitely been a great tool. Until it's not.

Tech-Life Balance addresses the important and very real issue of being addicted to our phones and similar technology while highlighting solutions and simple ways to ameliorate the problem. The book includes such topics as:
  • Identifying your poor tech use habits and triggers
  • Purposeful/mindful use of social media
  • Making your home and workspace tech-free during downtime
  • How to maintain healthy tech habits while living with other people who don't
  • Suggestions for other healthy activities (exercise, involving hobbies) to fill the space formerly occupied by device use
  • Proper/prescriptive habits for recreational use of devices

  • Written by the founder of International Phone Free Day through his research and first-hand experiences, Tech-Life Balance offers a low-key, fun way to investigate this digital dilemma and provides real solutions and life hacks to break the addiction once and for all in a little and gifty package.