They Set the Fire: The Teddies Saga, Book 3

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At once darkly suspenseful and heartfelt with stunning spot art from illustrator Rovina Cai, this trilogy finale of New York Times-bestselling author Daniel Kraus's action-packed The Teddies Saga is perfect for fans of Victoria Schwab, Katherine Arden, and Holly Black.

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After searching so long for a place to call home, the daring teddies-clever Buddy, shrewd Sunny, fearless Nothing, and wise Reginald-find few answers at the place where they were created, Furrington Industries. But with a new friend--a teddy of legend!--the teddies head back into the dangerous world to seek the secrets of their creation.

Soon the teddies find themselves surrounded by people who hated them, and discover that the founder of Furrington Industries, known as the Suit, is on trial for an unknown crime. Left reeling but determined, Buddy leads his friends-those that survive-through the protestors that line the streets outside and into the bowels of the courthouse . . . where they'll find out the true, incendiary reason the teddies were thrown away.